Start Storyboarding Successfully

The magic five P’s of success are repeated as follows: Proper planning prevents poor performance. If you adhere to the above mantra storyboards will soon become your key production manuscript. A vital tool for the well-prepared, storyboards provide a key reference point throughout the production process, helping everything run smoothly when the cameras are ready […]

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Content design – the first steps to a better website

Website development projects normally focus on design and structure, often leaving content overlooked. Compelling content is vitally important for any website because it can make it accessible and easier to find through search engines. So how can you ensure that your website content meets users needs? After all, if five writers were given the same content brief, […]

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Can author websites compete online with Amazon?

Power of adventure

Launching with a direct focus on books in 1994, Amazon pushed rapidly to gain market share. With huge choice, rapid distribution and low costs, they turned the traditional publishing industry upside down. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, they introduced e-books through the Kindle. In the space of a few years, Amazon became the market […]

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